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Everyday bags for baby & beyond

Functional and stylish 2 in 1 solution for all your needs. 

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What makes Mina Kay Special


Our bags are made from top quality material

When i was searching for leather, i made sure it was best of the best so our customers can enjoy these bags for a lifetime. All bags are water resistant inside and out so you don't have to worry about spills and weather conditions and use Mina Kay bags for a long time. 


Every bag comes with a "baby" insert

All bags come with a baby insert to keep you all organized. This 2 in 1 solutions makes it easier to keep your things separate from that of your kiddos and if you have to leave your kid with nanny or grandparents simply remove the insert and leave it with them. 


Perfect hand free solution

All bags can  be worn in different ways so you are always hands free.