About Us



Motherhood brings all sort of mixed emotions and feelings. 

While I was pregnant with my first kid Mina in 2016 I was searching for the right diaper bag. Bags have always been my all time favorite accessory and i needed one which was chic, simple and functional.I could’t find one which didn’t scream “hey i am a mom”. They were all full of busy prints and noisy crinkly wipeable fabrics. 
Eventually after searching for weeks i finally settled for one which was from a very well known brand. It was all nylon and actually more expensive than their leather bags, which I thought was completely ridiculous. 
Since I didn't find a bag which matched my lifestyle and needs. When Mina was a few weeks old I actually went to the drawing board to design my own bag. I wanted to create a bag where style meets function and will last me more than my kids early years. Something i could use day and night, on trips, at work, gym and more. 

So after spending almost 6 months designing, finding the absolute right manufacturer i finally created my first line. All my current bags are made from premium vegan leather. It is specially treated to make it water resistant so you don't have to worry about spills to bad weather.
Carryall Backpack is perfect for both dads and mamas. While the downtown Satchel is chic and functional which any mama can wear from home to office. Gone are the days of carrying multiple bags and switching them between different tasks. 

All bags are made to accommodate parent's busy lifestyle while catering for their parental needs. Therefore they all come with removable water proof inserts which i call ‘baby baby’. You can easily remove it and leave it for the nanny, childcare or give it to the other parent to put in their bag. This 2in1 solution is so amazing it makes packing and keep kiddos things separate from your things so much easier. 

I have personally used both bags and taken them on 5 international trips which i took all alone with my baby. I am currently expecting my second kid and i can't wait for other mamas and papas to use Mina Kay bags.